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BloodLust Ball

The BloodLust Ball is the CMVS' annual grand ball. This ball is open to everyone interested in vampires, or just having a good time, not just society members.

The very first BloodLust Ball was held in 1994 at Babble On Cafe on Elizabeth St in Brisbane. Subsequent Balls were held at venues such as the Waterloo Hotel, The Playground, the Princess Theatre and more recently, the Tivoli.

Please follow the link to have a look at the info on current and some past BloodLust Balls.

If you just want to see photos from previous BloodLust Balls, to see if you can find old pictures of yourself or others you may know, or just to have a look at the venues and amazing costumes, please click here.

Society Social Events

The CMVS holds picnics and other social gatherings throughout the year. We try to hold these in a central location, near public transport so everyone can attend, and we are family friendly, so please include your children, if you have any.

As we gain more members outside of the Brisbane area, we will aim to hold some of these social events in other places so we can include as many members or interested people as possible.

Of course, we aim for the picnics or other social events to be held right on dusk (or at night) so the Vampyres don't get a bad case of sunburn.

Please follow us on facebook to keep up with picnics and other social dates.

CMVS Products & Services

The CMVS will develop and stock many different products and merchandise over the next year or so. We aim to have an online shop up and running in the near future, so please watch this space.

We can also be seen at the Brisbane Alternative Expo and other select alternative markets. Please follow us on facebook to keep up with any upcoming markets.

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Musician and Artist Info

Musician and Artist Info

Contact Us

If you would like to contact the CMVS, Find out more about tickets for the Bloodlust Ball, or just find out more about the BloodLust Ball, please contact us using the form below or visit our facebook page and contact us via facebook.

PO Box 773, Morayfield, Queensland, 4506, Australia

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Society Intro

The Carpathian Magistratus Vampyre Society (or CMVS for short) was first born in the mind of Joanne Perry (aka Morella Eastgate) in the 1980s after reading alleged factual accounts of dealings with vampires. This finally became a reality in 1992 with the formation of the Carpathian Magistratus Vampyre Society. The aim was to bring together people interested in the stories, art and mythology of vampires to both revive the old and create new.

From those first years, the CMVS featured in many magazines and fanzines both in Australia and internationally such as Crown of Thorns, Dark Angel, The Pentacle, and the CMVS were listed in Mick Mercer's Hex Files (p17) published in 1998, a compendium of all things Goth and dark sub-cultural from around the world.

In the 1990s the CMVS worked with a number of local Brisbane fashion outlets such as Velvet Web, Closet Art and Dark Obsession; night clubs such as Dominion, Arcadia, Midian, Labyrinth, The Crypt, The Vault and London Burning; make-up artist and fang maker Justine O'Brien and Haus de Nocturn fang maker, Martin Pedder.

Events were organised with the backing of organisations such as Birch Carroll and Coyle, and Village Roadshow cinemas, radio stations such as 4ZZZ in Brisbane, 3RRR in Melbourne and even a talkback spot during the Top 40 show on Triple M FM 104 in Brisbane. The CMVS were invited by BCC and Village Roadshow to attend the movie premières of Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, and Dusk till Dawn, appearing on the evening news. The CMVS had members worldwide.

The Society held social events for its members and associates, as well as events open to the public. These ranged from picnics through to movie nights. The first BloodLust Ball was held at Babble On Cafe; in Elizabeth Street, Brisbane in 1994. The BloodLust Balls were to become one of Brisbane's biggest gothic alternative events in the 1990's. The BloodLust Ball held art shows, fashion parades, and live music from local Brisbane bands. It also had mad magicians, performance art and DJs such as Faith's Richard, Will from Midian, Mr Manson and Morella Eastgate (aka Joanne Perry) CMVS president. After a break, the BloodLust Ball was revived with the creator, Joanne Perry's blessing, in conjunction with Prometheus Bound incorporating gothic, vampire and steam punk.

What is the CMVS here to achieve?

The objects of the association are -

(1) Foster and support young and/or aspiring writers, musicians, performers, artists, designers and persons working towards careers in support of these. ,

(2) The support will focus on persons interested in and focusing on what is normally considered being the "dark" or "alternative" subculture. These people normally miss all other funding opportunities and support due to their chosen subject material and negative cultural perceptions,

(3) This support will focus on those local to Brisbane and the surrounding areas of South East Queensland,

(4) Where possible to use, recommend to members and support business activities undertaken by individuals fitting the description in (2) above and/or local to Brisbane or South East Queensland areas.

The CMVS invites all interested to become members so we can work towards showcasing your talents.

We aim to hold various functions at which all kinds of art and music can be expressed, with the support of local businesses. With our main annual event being the BloodLust Ball. We aim for this event to be reminiscent of the style of a Grand Ball similar to those in the 17th and 18th centuries. Of course, with Vampyres as the theme.

We also aim to publish, at least a couple of times a year, a magazine showcasing art and literature contributed by you, the members. We would also like to feature investigative articles and research papers examining factual or mythical accounts of vampires and analysing the facts, psychology, etc.

So please, start contributing.

We do not claim to be vampires and we don't practice vampirism, and are not a coven. We are a society that appreciates the literature, poetry, myths and legends, movies, music and art inspired by Vampires. We encourage people to submit their art, music, poetry, literature, factual research, movie, book and music reviews and we endeavour to be an information network.

Thanks to Dracula.


The notion of a seemingly all powerful creature of the dark seems to catch something unique deep within the human psyche.

Throughout our long history as a species we have had a vast array of stories about creatures of the night that steal the very essence of life. These stories were handed down, taught to children and passed across cultural boundaries to become shared myths or legends across time.

This is the essence of the existence of the CMVS - the myths, legends, stories, folktales, superstitions, art, poems, movies, etc. that have all been inspired by these creatures of the night.

For more research and information on other aspects of Vampyre society, lifestyle and blood, please click here

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